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Our core values

Address4Health is the source of valuable information. We provide information from latest scientific studies and researches. Our core value is to provide authentic knowledge of wellness that can help the humanity.

Our Mission

Welcome to Adrdress4Health, your number one source of information about Health and Fitness. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best instructions about living a healthy and fit life.


Omer – MBBS, AMC, PUNJAB-Pakistan


Founded in 2020 by DR Omer and Sarfraz, Address4Health aim is to provide the latest information about health and fitness to the peoples of the world. We hope you will get knowledge about your health and fitness-related issues here and you will respect our effort. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Main work

Our main work is to provide public the valuable wellness knowledge. We don’t provide or sell any Medical Treatment here. Our site main purpose is increase the wellness awareness among the peoples. For Medical Treatment please go to Doctor or Hospital.



If you have any questions, queries, or anything related to the over network or its disclaimer then feel free to contact us. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

Disclaimers for Address4Health

Address4Health is a health and fitness website, which provides you information about health, fitness, nutrition-related topics. We provide information after great research and studies. We publish the information with good faith. We provide information that can help people’s life.

Address4Health does not provide any medical treatment. We just provide information and health, fitness, and nutrition. We provide information from the most trusted and incredible sources. All of these sources, studies, and researches are linked within the posts at the end of paragraphs by using hyperlinks i.e [1] or you can check the specific number cite at the end of post.

In some posts, these citations are available at the end of posts. You can get these by clicking on the citation buttons.

We are not providing medical treatment on Address4Health. Our website only provides wellness information. We are not eligible for any of your losses. For more information contact us

Address4Health has great respect for doctors. We recommend our visitors to never use medicines without doctor prescriptions. We condemn those websites or blogs that are prescribing medicines to their visitors in their blog posts or articles.

From our website, you can go to other websites by using hyperlinks. Most of these links are used for citation purposes. We don’t have any control over these sites’ quality and behavior or content. Generally speaking, we only have control over our own website. For any question, contact us.

Remember: We also accept donations that can help us to keep working for helping purposes, if you want to donate us then you can find the way in every blog post page.

You may also find some affiliate hyperlinks on our site content. We mostly use amazon affiliate hyperlinks. These links can take you to the Amazon website, from where you can buy as you need. These links will not cost you extra but they can provide us some commission in return for their product selling.

Address4Health also contains Ads. These ads can be in banners, popups, or any related form. Here is the list of ad networks that you may find on our website:

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Please note that we don’t have any control over the privacy policies of other websites or ad networks that you may find on our website. If you are trying to do some business with them then kindly read their own privacy policy first.

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To keep using our website you may need to accept our disclaimer, privacy policies, and terms and conditions. We can update them any time please check them as you get free time. If you want to contact us then reach to us any time by clicking here.

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In Address4Health we are working hard to facilitate its visitors. We may collect your information and on this privacy policy page, we will explain how we collect or use your information.
This privacy policy only applied to our online network. Our main site is and it has a presence on social media. Except for our network which we have mentioned on this page, this privacy policy does not have an effect on any other network or service. Remember we don’t have any offline store or service if you have any question kindly contact us.


You may need to accept our privacy policy in order to get facilitate through our website. Address4Health has very strict rules in protecting our user’s privacy, and that is why users respect our privacy policies. To keep using our website, accept our privacy policies.
What user information we get
Whenever we will ask you for information then that time you will provide the reasons why we are collecting your information.

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By email signup, you will subscribe to our website notifications like we can send you our post or page updates or new content that we post on our website. To signup, you need to provide your email address. Note we have a strict policy and we will never share your email address with a third party.

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we also have a push notification service. Through it, you can receive our latest post or updates Notifications. You will receive them through your browser and you don’t need to give any typed information for it, just subscribe by clicking and you will be subscribed. Push Notification can track your IP or browser you are using. We use highly trusted Notification services and top online companies are using them. Your pricy is important for us and we have applied strict rules to protect it.

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You can directly contact us by filling the contact form. You can be asked for your name, email, and address with your message. Your providing information will be saved in our data and only we will have access to it. If you have any concerns then kindly tell us.

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You can also contact our staff by using their business address. You need to provide your name and message in your email. We will not share your email contact with anyone except our staff.
If you have any question kindly tell us by contacting us.

Purpose of collecting your information.

We can use your information for the below purposes:

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Address4Health follows the international standard to make the site user-friendly so a visitor can get information as needed. Just like all other websites we collect visitor cookies and beacons. This data tells the visitor interactions with our website and also tells the behavior of visitors with our webpages and also which pages have been seen and how visitors interact with them. All of this information helps us to improve our data so a visitor can get maximum benefits through our website.
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Google has one of the largest ad servers in the world. Visitors may find this ad network on our site which will show ads on our website. Google uses cookies to serve the ads to users. These are called dart cookies. Visitor can also decline these cookies by visiting Google or check the link below:

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Generally speaking, these ad networks collect your cookies and serve you ads.

We can use one or two ad networks at once. Generally, we don’t use any other ads network with Google ads.

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According to CCPA rule, California visitors have the rights to:

Note: Generally we don’t sell any of your data to any third party. On our website, only we or our ads network can collect your information. We collect your emails, names, or address whereas our advertisement partners collect cookies and web beacons.

GDPR data protection rights

Under GDPR a visitor has these rights:

Kindly contact us for these and we will take a week or more to complete your request. Please keep your contact with us if you need.

Child safety

Address4Health respect and care about the children’s safety. We recommend the parents check their child online activities.
We don’t store the under 13 child information. If you think that your child has given the information then kindly contact us and we will remove that information.

Change in Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can change with time. We have the right to change our privacy policies without any notice. You are advised to check our privacy policy page as you get some extra time. We respect our visitors and we try our best to entertain them and we also hope they will accept our privacy policies and will give us respect. Kindly reach to us any time by using the contact page, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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To contact us, use our contact page. You can also use some emails mentioned on different pages but if you use to contact us page then you may get a fast reply.

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Address4Health is a Medical Blog. We do a lot of studies and researches before posting the contents. All trusted sources of studies and researches are mentioned in our articles. We hope you will like the content.

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We donot provide the medical treatment here. The main purpose of this website is to spread Health and Wellness awareness via valuable Information.

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