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10 unhealthy foods backed by scientific Evidence

Researched by Sarfraz
Updated on 1/1/2022


Unhealthy foods are those food or diet sources that provide your body more harm than benefits. Unfortunately, these foods are been consumed by common peoples in high quantities.

Foods that provide unhealthy effects to your body usually have good taste that is why even warned by authorities peoples are eating them.

WHO has warned the peoples about unhealthy foods or diets. Huge numbers of diseases can affect a person's health if he or she eats it in high quantity. (1)

These diseases are not affecting adult peoples only but these are affecting children or young peoples more because they usually overeat them on regular basis. (1)

Unhealthy foods causes

  1. Cardiovascular diseases
  2. Cancer
  3. Diabetes
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Bad cholesterol levels
  6. Unhealthy weight gain or obesity
  7. Early death

Analysis of studies and surveys says millions of peoples are losing their life annually only due to the high consumption of unhealthy foods. (2)

In 2011 according to the lancet, 11 million peoples died just due to eating or consuming bad diets. You may need to know that most tasty or crispy foods that you eat are unhealthy. (2)(1)

10 unhealthy foods

This article will discuss the 10 foods that studies says are unhealthy for your health if eaten or consume on daily basis or in large quantity:

White artificial sugar

White sugar is not healthy at all. It is mostly added to different foods to make them sweet and tasty. But white sugar has high health risks with approximately no health benefits.

Taking it daily or eating those foods which have heavy quantity added or white sugar can make you seriously ill. Too much sugar as food can cause obesity, diabetes, and heart-related risks. (1)

You may get surprised by knowing the nutritional value of white sugar. This unhealthy food is only rich in calories with no extra beneficial nutrients value. Few carbs and high empty calories are present as ingredients in white sugar.

Here is the nutrition value of 21g white sugar

  • Calories 80
  • Fat g
  • Protein 0g
  • Cholesterol 0g
  • Fiber 0 g
  • Vitamins 0%
  • Carbs 21 g
  • Sodium 0.2 g
  • Potassium 0.4 g

Studies and analysis say that white sugar and its high-value-added to foods are cheap in many countries. (4)(3)

With no proper strict rules, regulation, these bad foods are generating health risks in children, adults, and old peoples. Children are getting obese as sugar and its related foods and beverages are increasing child obesity rates in many countries and regions. (3)(4)

What you should instead of sugar

Use natural sweeteners instead of artificial white sugar. Here are some good alternatives to white sugar. You also need to eat them in low quantity as these are also sugar but in natural shape:

  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Stevia
  • Molasses
  • Yacon syrup
  • Coconut sugar etc

Using these sweeteners instead of added or white sugar is helpful as these have less harms as compared to regular sugar. (5)

Burger and Pizzas

Second-numbered unhealthy foods are burgers and pizzas. The majority of these foods are unhealthy.

The high value of sodium, and others ingredients calories can make your health worse. You may need to know that extra toppings or ingredients that make their taste good, generate their most unhealthy effects.

Too much refined or processed foods are used as the topping in pizza and burgers.

Studies say that these unhealthy foods can lead to high-calorie intake which can lead to many health risks and diseases.

NAHANES study has declared pizza and other sugar-rich beverages and foods as unhealthy as these foods high consumption is causing obesity, heart risks, and diabetes cases in peoples. (5)

Alternatives of burgers and pizza

Some pizzas and burgers are healthy. As their way of preparing also matters a lot.

  • Whole wheat pizza provide heavy nutrition value
  • Veggies rich pizza are best
  • Homemade burger with the usage of healthy nutrients are best

Soda drinks

Soft drink is an artificial beverage that usually contains carbonated water, high sugar, and flavored that makes it tasty.

These drinks are high in calories like a regular 370g cola bottle contain 155 calories and most of these come from artificial sweeteners or sugar.

Soft drinks business are huge, yearly big names associated with its business are making billions. Annually billions of liter unhealthy soft drinks are being sold to common peoples which is why the huge number of health cases are appearing in all age peoples.

Here are some common health issues associated with soft or soda drinks:

  • Heart diseases
  • Dental problems
  • Obesity or overweight body
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Mental problems like depression, anxiety mostly with high use
  • Sleep problems due to caffeine
  • Seizures
  • Too much fat tissue on body etc

According to studies due to the high availability of these drinks, the obesity rate is soaring. Researchers find that obesity rate has increased 112 percent mainly due to the heavy consumption of soft drinks by the general population. (7)

Alternatives of soft drinks

  • Lemon water
  • Tea
  • Fruits
  • Milk
  • Natural carrot juice with no other ingredient like sodium
  • Natural Watermelon juice without adding sodium
  • Milkshake of banana with non added sugar

Diet soda is not mentioned in the alternative list because these are also not good. Why you wanna spend too much on empty-calorie liquid that they are selling by fooling peoples that vitamins and minerals are present in them.

You may don't need them, those ingredients are already present in healthy foods. If you want taste then go for diet soda or calorie-less soda otherwise avoid every type of these drinks.

Refined grain foods

Refined grains are produced from whole grains. During the refining, process food experts remove many healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the whole grains with different techniques.

This process usually strips the high value of essential nutrients like if you compare the 1 kg refined grain with 1 kg whole grain then the first one will have 78 percent less fiber as compared to the second one.

Not only fiber many other health-friendly nutrients have very little availability in refined grains as compared to healthy whole grain foods.

Whole Grains of wheat and rice are usually turned into refined food sources with different techniques.

Here are some comparison between whole wheat grains and refined on the basis of their nutrition value:

  1. If the whole wheat grain has a 10g fiber value then the refined wheat grain will have a 2.2g value.
  2. If whole wheat have 10g protein then its refined product will have a 7.5g protein value
  3. If the whole product is providing a 10 percent value of Riboflavin then refined will provide 1.9 ℅.
  4. A whole-wheat food provides 10 percent calcium value but its refined counterpart food will provide only 4.4 percent value.

Refined grains lack a lot of nutritional value which whole grain has. Most of these nutritions are very essential for your health, by eating refined instead of whole grains can stop you to get the required amount of healthy vitamins, minerals, and many micronutrients that your body needs. (7)

According to studies, whole grains are more health-friendly as compared to refined ones. (8)

Several studies have compared their effects on human health and almost all studies found whole wheat grain as effective in lowering or maintaining the body weight, obesity, cholesterol, and reduce other health-related risks. (7)(8)

Whereas refined grains are not health-friendly as compare to natural grain as refined grains have the least essential nutrient value and with high carbs value that can increase the weight, diabetes, and many other risks of your body. (8)

Other studies have also concluded against refined grains due to their effects on human bodies. A study on a large group of women who eat both types of grain food in daily life.

Researchers observed them for a long period of time and they conclude that women who eat more whole grain foods were at 17 percent less risks of mortality as compared to those who mostly eat refined grain-rich foods. (9)

Examples of refined grains food products

  1. Refined or processed white wheat flour
  2. Refined or processed rice
  3. Refined oats

A lot of food products are prepared from these two common grains like rice and wheat.

Alternatives of refined grain diet

  • Whole grains diet

Cakes and Ice cream

Most cakes and ice-creams are also not good foods. Some studies and researches have found that sugar-rich diets can increase many health risks. Most of these foods have high calories that mostly come from added sugar. (1)

What to do

  • Eat them less
  • Prefer low calorie or less sugar-rich diets

Processed Fruit juices

Fruit juice is obtained with some excretion process that collects the liquid from fruits or vegetables.

Mango and orange juice is most liked by peoples due to their taste. Commercially huge numbers of brands are producing juices of various fruits and vegetables.

They usually do a lot of processing and add furthermore ingredients in juices. Highly processed or sugar-rich juices are linked with weight gain, obesity, and further risks of health issues. (9)

Studies have found that high consumption of fruit juices is the main contributor to child obesity. Carbonated, processed, or sugar-rich juices are responsible for high-fat tissues and weight gain in children and adult people. (10)

Eating whole fruit instead of juices is more health-friendly as according to researchers eating fruits and vegetables instead of their juices can help you to reduce the risks of diabetes.

Most juices available in the market are highly processed with many other extra added ingredients like sugar, caffeine, soda, and many flavors that give less or no health benefits.

Some studies have claimed that commercially produced fruit juice consumption was responsible for many disease outbreaks which affect people's health badly. (11)

Alternative of Fruit juices

It is hard to leave juices. Avoiding soda and juices at the same time is very hard. But there are ways to enjoy juice with some health benefits. Here:

  1. Make juice at home by using natural fruits without adding any other ingredients
  2. Homemade juices are more healthy than those are available in the market because homemade juices don't go through the artificial process of adding different ingredients or gases like some companies add carbonated qualities in fruit juices just like they do with soda drinks

Fried foods

Peoples like to eat fry foods. A large number of the human population consume fried foods on daily basis. Fry foods are those which are prepared with the help of hot cooking oil. That oil usually contains high fat and calories which can decrease the health benefits of your foods.

Studies and researches have found serious health issues that are caused mainly due to high consumption of oil-rich or fried foods. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, bad cholesterol have links with fry foods consumption.

A study on 15362 people found that those who eat fried diets or foods for a long time suffer more heart failure incidents as compared to those who eat less. Studies say frying your foods at home is also not the best idea because it mostly produces the same unhealthy as market fried foods do and these can also cost you. (12)(13)

An alternative of frying:

  1. Boiling
  2. Steaming
  3. Bake
  4. Roast
  5. Or use olive oil in less quantity


We have not found a large number of evidence about biscuits that cause serious health issues. But due to sugar-heavy ingredients of biscuits may cause trouble as overeating of these foods can become easy. Moreover, the qualities of some biscuit brands are questionable.

Like in developing and poor countries a lot of brands are selling these unhealthy biscuits in large numbers.

Poor-country peoples have some affordable problems and the business of unhealthy foods like health risky biscuits are going on in huge numbers due to their less prices.

Studies and researches have found that in poor countries like in Nigeria up to 30 percent of biscuit companies are selling unhealthy biscuits to people. Unhealthy foods can cause serious trouble and many diseases or mortality-related causes are associated with them. (14)

Fried potato products

Potato is perhaps the most used food product which is used in making many foods and dishes.

French fries are world-famous due to their crispy taste. Moreover, other packaged chips are also available in markets in high quantities.

These fried potato products are prepared by using highly fat-rich oil which increases their calories several times.

Moreover, the sodium values in these foods are very high. Sodium is added to these to make them crispy and tasty.

High consumption of sodium can raise many health issues like high blood pressure or weight gain. Moreover, there are many other dangerous risks are associated with fried foods consumption like heart issues, diabetes, and many more. (15)

An alternative of potato products

  • Eat less fried products
  • Boil potato to eat
  • Use olive oil for frying
  • Or avoid fry food including fried potato products


Drinking too much alcohol is considered as fashion just like peoples consider smoking as a fashion.

Both habits can harm you severely. There is no proper life for regular smokers and drinkers.

Many diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, mental issues, liver problems, and many other health issues can trigger the habit of alcohol drinking. (16)

Here are some health or life-related issues that regular drinking can cause:

  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Heart diseases
  • Road accidents
  • Fall from heights
  • Suicide
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Liver diseases
  • Mental disorders etc (17)

What you should do

  • Limit your alcohol intake like one or two glass or as your doctor says
  • Don't drive after drinking
  • Avoiding it can help you better
  • Get help from experts if you are finding it hard to leave
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